Fat analysis equipment

When fast, accurate analysis of fat content is required, more companies worldwide put their trust in the speed and accuracy of our KartridgPak brand.

Fat analysis equipment

Our Anylray® 316-6 improves at-line productivity by reducing the total calibration sequence of both pre-blended (trimmings) and final blended meats to less than one minute.

​Sample preparation time is similarly trimmed. Out of spec samples of beef, pork an mutton can quickly and easily be adjusted and the sample can go back into the batch with no degradation.

Large, 13-pound meat sample size assures statistical accuracy of the measurement for large, non-homogeneous combinations.

​Test results can be printed at line with optional printer or data can be fed to your remote computer for additional analysis or records.


The fat analysis equipment is suitable for the following applications.

  • Ground beef
  • Pork
  • Mutton

Features and benefits

Below you can read about features and benefits regarding the fat analysis equipment.

Features Benefits
Designated to meet 21 CFR 1020.40 "cabinet x-ray system" Regulation User safety
Fast accurate readings Saves time and money
Multiple printer options Allows user to record data
Network printer options Allows user to record data

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