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We represent a number of companies and can therefore offer a wide range of equipment and solutions.

​Here you can get an overview of the many solutions and equipment we can offer.

​Below each presentation you will find links to the equipment for further reading.


KartridgPak Chubmaker

​Quality packaging machines from the world-known brand KartridgPak.

Packaging machines suitable for pumpable products.

Paste, ground meates, adhesives, resins, sausages, soups, refill systems and explosives.

​Engineered for smooth, continuous operation and ruggedly constructed of stainless steel and plated metals, every KartridgPak ChubMaker is designed to process higher volumes than cheaper products at lower cost, boosting your profitability and accelerating your ROI.

Cheap in packaging materials such as clips.

​In Scandinavia, the Chubmaker is used for products such as marzipan, jam jar and rice pudding, while the Chubmaker is mainly used for explosives in Spain and France.

Learn more about the Chubmaker Series here

​Lyco Blanching and Cooking/Cooling Equipment

​Lyco Manufacturing is a food processing equipment manufacturer whose focus are on improving their customer’s ROI (Return On Investment) through innovative designs.

​With extensive experience and knowledge in the food processing industry Lyco's products are known for high quality products and innovative design.

Applications are pasta, vegetables, rice, beans, potatoes, fruits and much more.

Lyco’s Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher is State of the Art in a variety of ways.

​The Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher also features a new sanitary Slide-Out and Discharge Chute.

The Rotary Drum Blanchers & Cooker/Coolers are the only machines of this design in the world.

Learn more about the Lyco series

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