Clean Flow

As a leader in food processing equipment, Lyco’s focus is on improving customer’s ROI through innovative designs.

Lyco’s Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher is State of the Art in a variety of ways.

​The Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher also features a new sanitary Slide-Out and Discharge Chute

Clean flow

Lyco’s Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher w/ Hydro-Flow® Technology

  • Revolutionary for Pasta, Rice, and Vegetable Processing
  • Totally eliminates losses from sticking and clumping
  • Flexibility – change over from one product to another in minutes, many times a day


  • Hydro-Flow = uniform quality
  • Higher recovery (5-15%)!
  • Damage and clumping. Losses are <1.0%
  • High production rates:
    up to 15,000 PPH (6800 Kg/H) of Dry Beans
    up to 10,000 PPH (4500 Kg/H) of Pasta
    up to 10,000 PPH (4500 Kg/H) of Rice​

Pasta Blancher

Advantance – Capacity Rotary Blancher Sizing–50 lbs/cubic ft. (800 Kg/m3)

Clean Flow

Quick-Change Over

Clean-Flow Screen rests in the 3:00–9:00 position for operation, and rotates 360 degrees during the cleaning process, depositing residue in thetank for disposal in mere minutes.

  • CIP in 15 Minutes
  • Space Savings
  • High Recovery (5-15%)
  • Patent Pending​

Supplemental Information

A case study of Clean-Flow™ in action at Brake Bros Food Service

Brake Bros Case Study

Clean flow diagram

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Clean Flow™

Clean Flow™ Jr.

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