KatridgPak - Spare parts

Tegetec Aftermarket can help you put together a comprehensive or rebuilding plan for your Packaging Technologies machine or assembly.

​Whether you need a field rebuild or a complete factory overhaul, an Aftermarket Account Manager can assist you in getting through all of the details for a successfully managed project.

Spare parts

Keeping your KartridgPak machinery in top working condition is critical success.

​Over time, we continue to improve on the original designs.

​Our Aftermarket Conversion Kits will help you get the most from your Packaging Technologies machines.

Conversion kits

  • Film drive wheel
  • Safety guard kit

Get in touch with us​

We can be contacted by phone from monday to friday, from 8:00 to 15:30. If you call out of telephone hours, the call is forwarded to our cell phones.

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