RA Jones

We represent RA Jones with the brand name KartridgPak in the nordic countries as well as a number of european countries.

RA Jones

RA Jones is a worldwide leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery of packaging, processing and filling machinery for the food, meat, dairy, pharmaceutical, explosive, cosmetic, aerosol and other commercial and consumer product industries.

​RA Jones specializes in end-to-end packaging lines providing all-round packaging solutions.

​RA Jones has installed machinery in the whole world. From installation, start-up and training to parts and technical service support in the field.

You can count on RA Jones to be a worldwide distributor network to speak your language and be familiar with your customs and business practices.

​​For 20 years RA Jones has been our business collaborator and we offer you quality products and reliable support to existing and new customers.

Learn more about RA Jones at their website rajones.com.

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