In november 2009 we started representing Lyco Manufacturing in the nordic region.

​Lyco Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of processing equipment.

​Lyco focuses on improving customer’s ROI (Return on Investment) through innovative designs.

Lyco Blanching and Cooking/Cooling

With extensive experience and knowledge in the food processing industry Lyco products are known for high quality and innovative design.

​Applications are pasta, vegetables, rice, beans, potatoes, fruits and many more.

Lyco’s Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher is State of the Art in a variety of ways.

​The Clean-Flow® Continuous Blancher also features a new sanitary Slide-Out and Discharge Chute.

The Rotary Drum Blanchers & Cooker/Coolers are the only machines of this design in the world.

Learn more about Lyco:
Youtube @LycoManufacturing

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