SG-12 Smoke generator - Features and benefits

Here you find listed features and benefits regarding the SG-12 Smoke Generator.

Features Benefits
CE Machine & Optional UL Listing Provides worker safety & meets standard requirements
Electronic Heater Control Provides greater accuracy, reliability, and safety
Ergonomic controls Promotes worker health and safety
Digital hour timer Used for maintenance scheduling and warranty purpose
Hardened steel components Minimizes parts consumption
Heater element feedback Indicates heater malfunction ensuring consistent production performance
Isolated heater terminal connections Prevents smoke from entering the electrical enclosure. Right side location is away from heat of the smoke tube and tar collector
Low flow water switch Prevents the smoke cycle from functioning without the proper water supply
Programmable daily timer Allows heater to automatically start-up and shut-down
Process control Allows uniform appearance and smoke enhancement
Unique Distillation Process Consistent rich smoke, which imports desirable coloring and flavoring
Updated electrical cabinet Eliminates contamination of smoke through seal areas/Provides for longer life of electrical components
Warm-up mode Allows heaters to come on 45 minutes ahead of smoke cycle
Voider system Reduces package & product waste / Improved package appearance / Tighter clips

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