Chubmaker - Features and benefits

Chubmaker Series provides many benefits.​

Not only will you be able to pack up to 120 packages pr. minute, you can also save money because of cheap packaging, effecient and flexible date code.

​The clips are not pre-formet and therefore you can save large amounts of money when buying clips. Save up to 60-80 %.

​Chubmaker Series is reliable and is easy to operate, amongst other things, that the break down time is minimized.

Here you can read more about the features and benefits of Chubmaker Series.

Features Benefits
CE market​ ​Fulfills global safety requirements
Close-clip options Reduced film costs/enhances package aesthetics
Continuous motion Reduces downtime and parts usage
Clutch brake option Provides flexibility to fill long packages
Explosion proof motors and pressurized cabinet option Provides safe operation in hazardous environments /Low risk & insurance premiums
Graphic readout of operating conditions Ease of operator interface
Heavy-duty, high-speed clipping head Increases productivity & reliability / Up to 120 packages per min
KwikTear Consumer friendly package
Multiple date coding options Flexibility in choosing date coder
Multiple film sealing systems Heat seal, radio frequency seal and extrusion sealing systems
PLC control Easy adjustment using visual display/Ability to store up to 10 recipes/Time savings during start-up & change-over/Multiple languages available
Registration No label required/Ability to run pre-printed film
Rollstock clips & film Up to 60-80% cost savings vs. preformed clips,No pre-formed casting
Simplified clipping head assembly Reduces parts & service costs and prevents parts damage
Simplified film handling Ease of film loading and threading/Reduced down-time/Less operator training
Simultaneous adjustment of clipping, film, & pump Quick changeover & reduces scrap
Stainless steel construction Suitable for rigorous washed-down environments
Under carriage w/ overload Reduces maintenance costs
Voider system Reduces package & product waste / Improved package appearance / Tighter clips
2nd Package registration Eliminates film waste and saves set-up time
3 Different sealing system options:Heat, RF, Extruder Allows flexibility in choosing package materials
40+ ppm with clutch brake Handles second or third package registration and extendedlength packages

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